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Lockeford Jewelry & Loan is Lockeford's only licensed pawnshop offering a beautiful atmosphere, fast and courteous service, and low priced merchandise.

Lockeford Jewelry & Loan is Conveniently Located on Highway 88, between Lodi and Clements/Camanche Reservoir.

We deal with people from all walks of life. As a result, a vast array of constantly changing merchandise is offered for sale. We offer both new and previously owned merchandise for sale and the savings can be tremendous. Few if any other retail establishments can match the value and variety of merchandise that can be found here. You will find the shopping experience at Lockeford Jewelry & Loan both unique and exciting.

The Pawn Transaction:

Millions of people are unable or unwilling to deal with traditional financial institutions or utilize credit cards. These consumers have regular needs to meet short-term cash requirements. Many of these consumers turn to Lockeford Jewelry & Loan. Loans are granted in a matter of minutes in the same way that people have accessed cash for thousands of years.

For centuries, money has been loaned based solely on the value of an item pledged as collateral, commonly referred to today as a pawn loan. Lockeford Jewelry & Loan has focused on customer service and meeting the needs of secured non-recourse borrowers in the oldest and most basic form of consumer financing activity.

The fundamentals of the pawn business have not changed through its 3,000-year existence. The base business is designed to assist the borrower in meeting cash requirements under terms of a simple contract. Items used as security for loans have evolved over the years; yet the orientation of the collateral has not changed as customers use items that represent value, such as gold and diamond jewelry, capable of providing them a source of funding.

At Lockeford Jewelry & Loan, the loan tradition of a fast, convenient source of cash is taken to a new level of ease and customer dignity. In seconds, the loan document is printed, the loan proceeds are counted out and the customer leaves secure with the knowledge that the item pledged is in safe keeping at Lockeford Jewelry & Loan until it is redeemed.